Who we are

At the present moment there is increasing demand for quality conference interpreting within Bulgaria and abroad. Willing investors can find neither the arena nor proper training to fill this incredible gap in the Bulgarian market, as sub-standard interpretation fits in neither the private nor professional sectors.

Presenting Marianna Hill’s Conference Interpretation Workshop, the first state of the art interpretation center located in Sofia for the sole purpose of creating a conducive environment for the training and successful implementation of interpretation strategies. Using the latest standard SCIC equipment and AIIC methodology, Bulgaria’s new set of conference interpreters, due to training supplied by the only workshop of this type in the world, will aid Bulgaria’s entrance into the European Union by breaking the communication barrier.

Due to the involvement of the country’s leading interpreters and native speakers, Marianna Hill’s Conference Interpretation Workshop complies with all European Commission standards and offers a gateway to the international community through adequate training of Bulgarian interpreters, foreign interpreters, and company staff.